In this digital age, a trip will not be complete without taking the most beautiful photos and sharing them on social media. Your feed wants to look amazing with magnificent landscapes and breathtaking works of nature. So, if you have just received your ETA Canada and plans to visit Canada soon, include these four picture perfect spots in your itinerary.

1. The Purcell Mountains

Include these beautiful mountain stretch on your visit to the world’s second largest country. Lying between the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park, the Purcell Mountains showcases over 1,200 hectares of alpine, wildflower fields, and so many peaks and ridges that seem like reaching the sky. The wildlife in Purcell is a unique sight. Grizzly bears, eagles, deer, elk, and many birds await your company.


2. Athabasca Falls

Located in Jasper National Park, the Athabasca Falls is a magical, breathtaking sight. In your visit, you can walk along the trail along the Athabasca river and learn about its history. You can hike along and witness the deep canyons caused by the water flow and soil erosion. Mount Athabasca wants to serve as an excellent backdrop for your photos.


3. Dinosaur Provincial Park

Located in Alberta, Canada and thus recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you should never miss visiting Dinosaur Provincial Park. These are showcasing many fossil discoveries of about 44 dinosaur species from an estimate of 75 million years ago. You can practice your badland skills here, and you can even enjoy their camping sites in the park. You can maximize your experience.


4. Nova Scotia

One of Canada’s beautiful provinces, Nova Scotia is filled with lovely beaches, hiking trails, craft breweries, and rafting adventures. You can experience the extreme of the tide here, and stroll the ocean floor when it’s low tide. Peggy’s Cove, with its iconic lighthouse.


To Unforgettable Journey Awaits

For an adventure that wants to make you appreciate the beauty of this world, you should definitely choose Canada. Secure your ETA Canada now to enjoy the various beauty of nature and capture them in unique and artistic photos for you and your loved ones.