It is no surprise if you want to visit the largest country in the world once you have your touristenvisum russland. Russia boasts magnificent cities, grandiose palaces, and fabulous works of art. The country has inspired poets, writers and all sorts of people for centuries.


To help you get started, here are the 5 best cities that you should visit:


  1. Moscow


Moscow is a combination of intellectual and creative energy, and of drama and superlatives. It has the biggest community of billionaires in the world. The city also has a long history if culture and art, which is evident in its galleries, temples, museums, and cultural institutions. Remember to visit the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, Bolshoi Theater, and the Tretyakov Gallery.


  1. Petersburg


If you love traveling, history, and culture, then St. Petersburg is the perfect travel destination. It houses more than 80 theaters, 200 museums, and 2,000 libraries, including numerous art galleries, underground clubs, beautiful hostels, and bohemian cafes.


It is amazing to visit St. Petersburg at any time of the year, but the best time is during the summer, wherein you can experience the White Nights. It is a wonderful time of night-time festivals and wondrous traditions.


  1. Kazan


It is the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. It boasts the vibrant mixture of cultures, particularly the Christians and Muslims. The Volga River is the witness of this amazing multi-ethnic blend.


Get your touristenvisum russland and visit Kazan Kremlin, the major historical sight in the city. In there, feast your eyes with the beautiful museums, watchtowers, and churches.


  1. Nizhny Novgorod


Nizhny Novgorod is another historical city in Russia with a huge Kremlin to explore. Traveling Nizhny Novgorod is considered to be more affordable than St. Petersburg and Moscow. Also, do not miss the Electronic Dance Music Festival (EDM), happening for three days every July.


  1. Veliky Novgorod


It is the oldest city in Russia. It has many breathtaking sights, including the Novgorod’s Kremlin. On the other side of the fortress, you will be fascinated with ancient churches such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign from the and the 17th-century, and the Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior from the 14th-century.


Traveling to Russia is safe and easy after obtaining your touristenvisum russland. Nevertheless, it pays to know more about the local customs to make your stay smoother and more convenient.






In this digital age, a trip will not be complete without taking the most beautiful photos and sharing them on social media. Your feed will look amazing with magnificent landscapes and breathtaking works of nature. So, if you have recently acquired your ETA Kanada and have plans to visit Canada soon, include these four picture-perfect spots in your itinerary.

1. The Purcell Mountains

Include these beautiful mountain stretch on your visit to the world’s second largest country. Lying between the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park, the Purcell Mountains showcases over 1,200 hectares of alpines, wildflower fields, and so many peaks and ridges that seem like their reaching the sky. The wildlife in Purcell is also a unique sight. Grizzly bears, eagles, deer, elk, and many birds await your company.


2. Athabasca Falls

Located in Jasper National Park, the Athabasca Falls is a magical, breathtaking sight. In your visit, you can walk along the trail along the Athabasca river and learn about its history. You can hike along and witness the deep canyons caused by the water flow and soil erosion. Mount Athabasca will also serve as an excellent backdrop for your photos.


3. Dinosaur Provincial Park

Located in Alberta, Canada and also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you should never miss visiting Dinosaur Provincial Park. These lands are not only filled with breathtaking scenery, they also showcase many fossil discoveries of about 44 dinosaur species from an estimate of 75 million years ago. You can practice your badland photography skills here, and you can even enjoy their camping sites in the park. You can choose from bus tours and hiking tours to maximize your experience.


4. Nova Scotia

One of Canada’s beautiful provinces, Nova Scotia is filled with lovely beaches, hiking trails, craft breweries, and rafting adventures you surely won’t forget. You can experience the extremes of the tide here, and stroll at the ocean floor when it’s low tide. Another place that will make your visit worth it is the picturesque fishing village of Peggy’s Cove, with its iconic lighthouse.


An Unforgettable Journey Awaits

For an adventure that will make you appreciate the beauty of this world, you should definitely choose Canada. Secure your ETA Kanada now to experience the diverse beauty of nature and capture them in unique and artistic photos for you and your loved ones.

In der Regel sollte es nicht mehr als 45 Minuten dauern, das kanada eTA Formular für die Einreise in Kanada auszufüllen. Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über die Fragen, die sie beantworten müssen und was dabei zu beachten sei.

Im ersten Teil müssen Sie allgemeine Fragen zu Ihrer Person beantworten, unter anderem welches Land Ihren Reisepass erstellt und zugelassen hat, wie Ihre Kanadaeinreise aussieht, ob auf Sie Ausnahmeregelungen zutreffen (z.B. reisen Sie nach Kanada auf Land- oder Seeweg ein, sind Sie Student mit gültigem Kanada Studentenvisum, verfügen Sie über eine Arbeitsbewilligung in Kanada etc.). Mit diesen Fragen wird festgestellt ob Sie grundsätzlich für die Erteilung einer eTA Bewilligung berechtigt sind. Darüber hinaus wird gefragt ob Sie die eTA Bewilligung im Auftrag einer anderen Person beantragen.

Der zweite Teil des Fragebogens fragt Informationen zu Ihrer Person ab, wie Name, Geburtsdatum, -land- und stadt, Staatsangehörigkeit(en), Geschlecht und Familienstand.

Im dritten Teil werden Sie um Angaben zu Ihrer geplanten Reise in Kanada gebeten. Sie werden hier gefragt ob Sie bereits vorher in Kanada eingereist sind bzw. einen Antrag auf Einreisebewilligung in Kanada gestellt haben und falls ja um die Eingabe der kanadischen Visumsnummer gebeten. So kann Ihr Antrag gegebenenfalls schneller genehmigt werden.  Darüber hinaus sollten Sie Infos zum für die Reise zur Verfüg stehenden Budget (in CAD Bargeld) machen sowie Infos zu Ihrem Reisepass angeben (unbedingt auf die richtige Passportnummer achten).

Teil vier des Fragebogens verlangt Informationen zu Ihrem beruflichen Status, in welcher Branche Sie tätig sind, Unternehmensname, Arbeitsort sowie Dauer der Anstellung in der derzeitigen Stelle.

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